About Go Gravel Photo Safaris

We are a photographically oriented travel agency and tour operator based in Namibia. 

The Gogravel brand may be new, but the people behind it have been organising and guiding photo tours to Namibia since the big photo tourism boom roughly a decade ago. 

Our position in the industry was born out of a desire to photograph Namibia and success with our own photos organically led us to showing other people how to photograph this beautiful corner of Africa. We are incredibly passionate about Namibia's nature and photography allows us to capture that passion and share it with the world. We consider ourselves lucky to be in this business as it allows us to continue practicing our passion, while representing the country to the world and to help other people capture their bucket list images of Namibia. We are photographers first and a tour operator second. 

The People

Hougaard Malan has been guiding and organising photo tours to Nambia for just shy of a decade. He has taken people from every corner of the planet to every corner of Namibia. His own photos of Namibia have won him awards like the 2016 International Landscape Photograph of the Year and his clients have also won numerous awards with the photos captured on his tours. Hougaard is fluent in English and Afrikaans and is in charge of the landscape photography and teaching on all tours. 

Very few people can say they are from Sossusvlei, but that is the case for Jandre Germishuizen. After school, he dove head first into the tourism industry. He cut his teeth working on some of Southern Africa's most respected reserves as a guide before moving back to Namibia. He is an accredited FGASA nature guide with a vast wealth of knowledge about Namibia's fauna and flora. His real passion is wildlife photography and he has been focusing on the photographic tourism industry for the last three years. As a Namibian in the Namibian tourism industry, he is incredibly well connected and his relationship with key people plays a big role in getting us the best access to concessions, local operators and parks. Jandre is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans and he is in charge of the wildlife photography and transport and logistics.

Planning and Experience

We are extremely serious about what we do; our tours are planned to the hour around season, moonphases, angle of light and concessions. We are absolutely obsessed with stress-free logistics, so every single detail of every single tour is planned more than a year in advance, based on a decade of experience. We use only the best accommodation, restaurants and we never take a product to market if we are not 100% happy with the suppliers involved. 

Clients Come First

We follow a strict code of practice to ensure that our clients' photos always come first. The guides are there to help you get the shot, not to take their own photos. Our one and only goal is to make sure that you get the shot and that you have a good time while doing so.  

Our guides may not shoot if the clients aren't set up, shooting and comfortable with the photographic challenges of the location. If space is an issue, our clients always have right of way to the best composition. If the guides happen to get a nice image along the way once the clients are happily shooting, then that is an added bonus for them.


We consider many of the lodge owners, park managers and concession-holders good friends that we have gotten to know over the years. Our relationships with key players in the industry mean you get better access to all of Namibia's beautiful locations. 


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