Namibia by Helicopter | Custom Dates | Price for 2pax

Namibia by Helicopter | Custom Dates | Price for 2pax

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Namibia is famous for its vast open landscapes and stark simplicity. Its inhospitable western coastline features vast areas inhabited only by Hyenas, Oryx and other desert wildlife. Geologically, it is one of our planet’s oldest landscapes - a desert that is crumbling to pieces, slowly eroded by relentless winds. This striking desert landscape has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most photogenic destinations and become fairly crowded with tripods over the last few years. For a lucky few, however, there’s a different angle to be seen on this special place - from above.

If you take to the skies, the simplicity of the Namibian landscape becomes even more incredible to witness and capture. The endless plains are dotted with remarkable patterns and lines formed by anything from Barchan dunes to masses of water from a once- in-a-decade flood in the desert. From the world’s 2nd largest canyon to the towering red dunes of Sossusvlei, its iconic sights are an even more incredible photographic subject from above.

Our Namibia by Helicopter safari is the culmination of years of flights, homework and relationship building while running normal photo tours in Namibia. Scroll down to find out more.

This tour is limited to 2 participants with one guide and one pilot. 
This tour will be guided by Hougaard Malan.

We put a lot of effort into the below sections, so we ask that you give it a thorough read. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send a mail to

  • Day 1 | Arrive Walvis Bay | Strand Hotel
  • Day 2 | Fish River Canyon | Fish River Lodge
  • Day 3 | Aus | Klein Aus Vista
  • Day 4 | Sossusvlei | Sossusvlei Desert Hills Lodge
  • Day 5 | Sossusvlei | Sossusvlei Desert Hills Lodge
  • Day 6 | Spitzkoppe | Spitzkoppen Lodge
  • Day 7 | Purros | Okahirongo Plains Lodge
  • Day 8 | Serra Cafema | Serra Cafema
  • Day 9 | Serra Cafema | Serra Cafema
  • Day 10 | Swakopmund | Strand Hotel
  • Day 11 | Depart Walvis Bay | End of Tour
Experience Planet Earth Like Never before

Tour Price - USD75 000 for 2 people


• 30 Hours in a Bell 407
• 10 Nights in the best available accommodation
• All meals and drinks except premium liquors
• An award winning photographic guide with great experience in aerial photography
• All transfers and services from the moment you land in Namibia until you leave, with a dedicated private guide and luxury transport
• All fuel placement logistics

*The cost of this safari is fixed in South African Rand at a price of R 1 150 000.00. We advise that you do a currency calculation to get an exact price on the date of enquiry.

Flight Route

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Helicopter - Bell 407 (V5-HDP)

Seat Configuration - 2 + 2 + 3 (7 total)

Max Passengers for this safari - 4 (pilot + guide + 2 clients)

Luggage Allowance for this safari - 30kg pp in soft bags

Cruise Speed - 230km/h

Range - 550km

Harness System - Yes

Helicopter Configuration

1. All photography will happen on the left hand side of the helicopter.

This ensures that both tour participants get the same fair and equal photo opportunities. The moment that someone wants to shoot on the right hand side as well, it adds about 20-30% more flight time for the helicopter to keep doing circles everywhere there’s a shot. This exhausts the pilot, irritates the participants and will add unnecessary fuel logistics to place even more fuel in the middle of nowhere.

2. Only the front left and rear left doors will be removed.

The middle left door and all RHS doors will be kept on for the entire tour to minimize the wind in the cabin. The 407’s cruising speed is over 200km/h and it is extremely unpleasant to be in the cabin at that speed with all the doors open - a situation we want to avoid.

3. With 2 participants + one guide + one pilot, the 7-seater Bell 407 helicopter is still on the light side.

• This allows you to pack the camera gear you want
• It gives us better range to do the long stretches more comfortably
• Helicopters don’t like heat and Namibia is a hot place - it ensures that we’re not pushing the machine to its limits.
• It leaves plenty of space in the backseats to keep extra bodies and lenses handy

 4. Seating Configuration

• One participant will sit front left, next to the pilot
• One participant will sit aft left
• The above seating will be rotated to keep things fair
• The guide will sit aft right and act as a gear-hand for the participants.
• This leaves 3 seats open for packing extra bodies and lenses, which ensures that you can change focal lengths very quickly and the guide can replace cards, batteries and clean lenses for you in the closed RHS of the cabin.

Making the Impossible happen

Fuel Placement Logistics

How do I book for this tour?

Due to the high price of this tour, we do not accept card payments. The deposit and all balance payments have to be made by wire transfer to our South African bank account. You can add this tour to your cart and checkout using the online system, but you will still have to pay by wire transfer.

If you would like to book for this tour, ask any questions or enquire about booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact page or the chat app. 

Your Guide

Hougaard Malan

Mount Tsaus

An Unknown Odyssey in the far south

In Search of the Abstract

The Iconic

Patterns Galore

The Namib Coastline

Western Kunene

Mind-bending Geology, 3000m Peaks and a River

Koichab Depression

Barchan Dunes, Barren Plains and JAgged mountains

van Schalkwyk

View his jaw-dropping aerial portfolio of Namibia